Shapes and Sizes


Almond Stiletto Coffin Oval Short Square Medium Almond Medium Coffin Medium Square Long Almond Long Stiletto Long Coffin Long Ballerina Long Oval Long Square (XXL Stiletto and XXL Coffin coming soon to all listings)


XS 3 6 5 7 9 

S 2 5 4 6 9

M 1 5 4 6 8

L 0 4 3 5 7

Sizing Kit:

If you would prefer to not measure your nails and have very accurate sizing the sizing kit would be your best option. Sizing kits are available in all shapes.  You will receive 10 nails size 0-9 in the nail selection you choose with instructions.

Shapes and widths:

Almond-  Most common ordered regular size.

Oval- (This shape tends to run more narrow.)

Long Square-  (This shape tends to run the widest.)

Short Square- . (This is the shortest of all shapes.)

Once you have measured all your nails you will know if you are a pre-sized option of XS-L or custom. Please keep in mind it is very common for sizes to be custom and be sure to measure both hands.